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Reactions to an Excommunicated Priest, and Catholic ‘membership’

2 May

Yeah, Rappler has reported on the excommunication and apparent resignation of Brazilian ex-priest Roberto Francisco Daniel. And, as analyzed by another Catholic blogger, Rappler wants you to believe that the sole reason he was excommunicated is because he supported gay marriage. I guess they missed out on his views on fidelity and loyalty to a husband. Because according to Roberto Daniel in the TPC post, “If someone is in an extramarital relationship and that relationship is accepted by the spouse, then faithfulness still exists there.” Try wrapping your head around that concept if  you still consider yourself a Catholic.

Of course, once you read the comments, things get even hairier. People begin asking something like, “If you teach about love and forgiveness, why don’t you forgive and love your members?” and then they begin to explain why they don’t believe in organized religion, how they believe in God and not institutions, etc. I’ve been through that, as well. And it might be very difficult specially if you consider Daniel’s point of inclusivity and humanism.

Think about this: a car enthusiast wants to be part of vintage car club. No matter how well-maintained or polished his Bugatti Veyron is, he can’t be part of a vintage car club because he doesn’t have a classic car. If you join a horticultural society and insist on letting rocks join a competition, then there must be something wrong with your understanding of the rules of the society (unless, of course, it’s a rock garden and horticultural society).

Why would you think or believe anything contrary to a ‘society’ that you are a part of and expect them to still have you as a member? It’s like asking a criminal to be part of the police force! Certainly there are exceptions e.g. Frank Abagnale who became a consultant. But he played by the rules of the FBI. He followed and obeyed the law after his “conversion” so-to-speak. If you are against the rules, don’t expect the group to remain open to you.