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Speaking of idols…

26 Mar

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Why Can’t I Wear “Comfortable” Clothes to Mass?

19 Mar

This was my line of thinking once upon a time. If God loves me, then He will accept me for who I am. If God loves me, He will be happy that I attend mass, even if I am in shorts and flipflops. If God is truly understanding, He will know what is in my heart and will see what’s really important and not how I look.

The sad part is I believed what I was doing was right — that God, in His infinite understanding and mercy, will understand and will look behind the ‘inappropriateness’ of my clothes but will see my faith despite my outward appearance. Ultimately, I have made God a god who can conform to what I want Him to be.

And when I thought of looking for work, I never dressed in my pambahay to the job interview thinking “they’re hiring me for my brains and skills, not for my appearance and cleanliness! Why should I wear a shirt and a necktie?” When going out on a date, I never think, “Oh, I’m a good conversationalist. I’ll make her swoon with my stories and my charisma… even if I look like Dick Van Dyke after cleaning chimneys.”

The reality is people, Catholics don’t wear their “Sunday best” anymore because they don’t understand where they’re going, what they’re going to experience, and who they will be receiving during communion! Again, it’s the lack of Catechesis in my opinion.

So, what should you wear?

Maybe ask yourself these questions to guide you: If you were to shake hands with Queen Elizabeth, what would you wear? Or if you were to go out to have a date with someone special, what would you wear?

Sometimes, I envy those of the Iglesia Ni Cristo when they require their brethren to dress appropriately, and the congregation follow without question… I only hope they do this because their understanding is that they are approaching God in their own form of worship and not because they are forced to do it. (No, I do not envy the INC so much that I’d be willing to convert.)