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Catholic Church approves of Oral Contraception

24 Feb

Yep, you read it right. Finally, the Catholic Church has approved the use of oral contraception: “No.”

100% safe. 100% effective! Ideally to be used repeatedly. And it can be used by both married and unmarried couples. Highly recommended!

I got this idea from a Woody Allen quote and another quote from Margaret Smith (probably not an original idea to have that title) :

The best contraceptive is the word no repeated frequently. – Margaret Smith

I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. I asked this girl to sleep with me and she said “No.” – Woody Allen


Today is Ash Wednesday

22 Feb

First Reading: Joel 2:12-18
Psalm: Psalm 51:3-6, 12-14, 17
Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:206:2
Gospel: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18


I’m just compiling a series of “explanations” about Ash Wednesday.

Mark Hart wrote on Life Teen today “Why do Catholics put ashes on our heads on Ash Wednesday?” and shares some serious and some quirky answers.

The Ignorant Response

“My mom made me go to church and get them. I have no idea what they mean.”

Busted Halo also provided a 2-minute primer on Ash Wednesday and Lent, and what we should do as Christians during this time.

And I just love this thing they put in the video:

“We don’t wear ashes to proclaim our holiness but to acknowledge that we sin and are in need of repentance and renewal.”

Now that looks like a good poster for next year’s Ash Wednesday preparation. 🙂

Do You Buy “Dahon-dahon” or Chemical?

21 Feb

I’m sure you’ve seen it. You really won’t miss these two brands which are having a slug-fest with their commercials.

One is espousing the “natural” treatment for cough with leaves going head-to-head with a “chemical” cure.

One says that the “chemical” cure has side effects, while the other says that the “dahon-dahon” questions its safety because it trumpets its “natural” origins.

I could swear that this could fuel a 2-hour debate on national TV and it would still have room for another 2-hour debate in another network, maybe two!

Each one is saying the other kind of cure is the “bad guy”. But they’re after the same thing aren’t they: Your loyalty. Your allegiance. So which side are you taking?

Funny, you can almost substitute family planning for cough.

I wonder what the Church hierarchy and freethinkers use. For cough, of course. heehee! (naughty, naughty!)

I am pro-RH.

20 Feb

There, I said it. I am a Catholic and I am Pro-RH or Pro-RP. Together with the Catholic Church, of course.

There’s the puzzled look again. Yes, you can be Pro-RH and still remain a Catholic. Because the Catholic Church is Pro-RH and Pro-RP. Why? Because it is what the Church has been teaching us all this time: we must be Pro-Reproductive Health and Pro-Responsible Parenthood!

Unfortunately, I am not Pro-RH Bill and/or Pro-RP Bill in its/their current writings.

Perhaps I’ll write my objections in another post. But right now, I’m just saying it.

If only they come up with a better RH/RP Bill. If only they knew what to really focus on. If only the Magna Carta for Women didn’t exist yet. Then maybe…

Read up on the Catholic view of Responsible Parenthood in Humanae Vitae, Section 10 in particular. Better if you read the whole thing.

Reductio ad absurdum: Celibacy

17 Feb

If celibacy is the cause of sexual abuses and affairs, as in the case of priests, then we should let everybody get married and have kids. There should be a match-making bureau under the Department of Health to ensure that everyone finds a match and have sex, ensuring, of course, that they use contraceptives so we don’t double the population of the country every night. Because sex is healthy. Sex is good for your body. Sex glorifies God.

And if the contraceptive doesn’t work? Well, you can’t do anything. You can’t abort the child. It’s illegal.

Or will it still be illegal when half of those engaging in sex, married or otherwise, aren’t psychologically prepared for child-rearing? These people will want their rights to their time and money than to spend them on a parasite (as Dr. House would call ’em).

Pinoy Catholic Priests and their begotten sons/daughters

16 Feb

What is it about, really, that makes priests “forget” their vow of celibacy? Should the Catholic Church do away with the centuries-old law imposed upon clerics of the Church? With the little literature I read, I have already come across one theologian named Hans Kung, a priest himself, seeking that this rule be abolished. Besides, some of the 12 Apostles were married. The first Pope, Peter himself, was married!

As Mr. Pe Yang III notes in his article on Rappler, there are numerous health benefits to shedding the vow of celibacy and engaging in sex — and what better way to glorify God than to take care of the temples of the Holy Spirit: our bodies and that of our partners!

It would also enlighten the priesthood on matters that they do not fully comprehend because they don’t raise families of their own and do not understand the problems of having a large family, and not understanding the need for birth control.

Clearly, with such obvious, clear, concrete ways of seeing the benefits of sex and the ills of continence, how could one be so backward in imposing such a rule on its followers? Wait, backward maybe a wrong term. Orthodox Christians, the more “conservative” of the old Christian groups, let their religious marry!

On the Catholic Church’s side, there are instances where priests are allowed to be married: 1. a deacon who is married prior to ordination, 2. married clergy who converted from other faiths, and 3. priests over 80 provided they submit a parental consent allowing him to be married. of course, #3 is a joke. 🙂

Seriously, what does the Church have to lose in admitting that celibacy shouldn’t be a requirement for priesthood? It can be changed if the Pope and the Council of Cardinals wished to do so. Why not now?

Like most freethought comment-debates I’ve read, I always end up thinking and feeling that it’s a juvenile vs. old fart exchanging arguments. One tends to adhere to more liberal thought and the other adheres to a traditionalist point-of-view. And in this case, my personal view is that this is the same. A ‘forward-thinking’ liberal (please, let me use the word “liberal” as loosely as possible) challenging an ancient world view.

A liberal tends to think of the “here and now and what is to come” and we should prepare for the future the way we understand today. A traditionalist tends to apply to a current situation “tried and tested” ways of doing things and it will hold true for eternity.

Copernicus and Galileo said the earth revolved around the sun. The Catholic Church hierarchy said it’s stupid and banned them from talking about it. And who was right in the end?

My thoughts are these: Copernicus and Galileo may be right but the general consensus of the age was that it was absurd. Up until that time, geocentric thought was considered true and the only acceptable truth. They were ‘proven’ right after other people had time to catch up with their genius. Does being “revolutionary” (pun not intended) make you right? No.

It takes time to make us recognize and discern what is absolutely right and what is wrong. That is why it is my opinion that ‘old farts’ have more patience to wait and see if it is correct. Otherwise, they are bound by their knowledge of truth that this is indeed correct. The liberal, who is excited about this new thing, is all fired up and raring to proclaim this and disgusted at the traditionalist’s inaction and/or inability to accept this “truth” that is staring at them in the eye!

In the end, I think they are absolutely after the same thing — the truth.

Take Po. Yes, Kung-Fu Panda Po. Aged, old, and wise Master Oogway is the traditionalist who sticks to the rules because they have always been right. Master Shifu sees the old rules and trains Tai Lung to be the Dragon Warrior which was denied by Oogway. Enter Po, a fat and untrained panda who was selected by Oogway to be the Dragon Warrior. All evidence seem to point that Po could never be THE Dragon Warrior but in time revealed that he really was after all. The truth was only revealed to Shifu later during the course of the movie.

Yes, fiction is easier to defend than reality.


Hello world!

14 Feb

I’m quite certain that these would have been my first words during birth. Oh look, how appropriate, born (and not made) on Valentine’s Day!

This blog is born to be a blog on love perhaps. Or a Catholic simpleton’s dabbling with freethought. Or would you rather I call it Philosophy in general?

Posts here will be mainly incoherent thoughts that I just think of. Probably without any justification. You may engage me in a debate but will probably be ignored just the same.

Please excuse the grammar, typos, my degrading spelling (thank you txting), and my image-grabbing skills.