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Don’t Throw the Baby with the Bathwater

9 Jul

In a span of 3 days, I’ve already encountered so much hate for the Church because of the behavior of its members — ‘leaders’ even.

First, is the video of a priest giving a sermon to a teenage mother who was having his child baptized. Second, a story of how a parish clerk seemed to have power-tripped on a soon-to-be-wed woman, who happens to be a schoolmate, with a typographical error on her baptismal certificate.

These two incidents have caused much damage to the Church because they have turned not only the people directly involved in these incidents away from the Her but also those who have seen and read their stories. Helen wrote in her article that she already has “stopped attending Mass.”

If only the clerk knew how his actions and the priest’s words turned someone away from the greatest sacrament we have in the Church. Because of these individuals, the entire Church is hurt as it sees people move farther from Her.

But, see, her reaction to this single event is causing more harm to herself than good. Probably media has already conditioned her how hypocritical the Church is or how the mass-goers are. We have this knee-jerk reaction because we actually don’t know what we are missing out on. We throw the baby with the bathwater because the water’s dirty. Why do we do this so often?

If I could only sit down and talk with Helen, perhaps it would be clearer — her misconceptions, misinterpretations, and obvious lack of Catechesis (I say ‘obvious’ because if she really knew what the Mass is really about, I doubt that she would stop attending!). From there, we could move on and hope to correct what needs to be corrected, punish who needs to be punished, without sacrificing and moving away from Christ and His Bride.