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Something good can come out of evil.

2 Oct

Everywhere on the Philippine side of the internet, everything is going black all thanks to Republic Act 10175 or the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012”.

And here’s something that’s been going around that caught my attention:

All this time, the Anti-RH Bill camp has been saying that we do not need the RH Bill but rather schools and houses and jobs and food security. And now that the Cybercrime Law is enacted, we protest that the budget for the implementation should be appropriated for schools and hospitals instead! Nobody is protesting and saying we need condoms and contraceptives instead. Isn’t that curious?

So, thank you, Cybercrime Law! Thank you for pointing out what truly is important to the Filipinos — that is, their freedom of expression, the internet, food, jobs, schools, and hospitals, not condoms and pills.