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Protestantism leads to Atheism

29 Jun

“Atheism is the natural conclusion of Protestantism”

Big words. Fighting words, in fact. But are they untrue at all? To a degree, perhaps, an atheist might feel insulted for being associated with theists and vice versa but at the heart of it, aren’t they primarily coming from the same roots — individualism and relativism?

While I may not agree with Michael Voris’ view on matters in science, this one I will have to gladly agree with:


The conclusion spot on. He does a better job explaining it than I do.

I have seen plenty of Protestant Christian Churches and the focus really is towards the individual — what benefits me; what God has in store for me; what teachings are negotiable so that I can live the way I want (divorce, contraception, and abortion ring bells?). How could a Christian be so concerned about his/her own welfare that it completely throws away logical, well-reasoned teachings of the Church and of Christ?


More Thoughts on RH Bill

21 Jun

I was just wondering about the motivations of the RH Bill supporters and proponents. They are saying that if we reduce our population, the money allotted for the health and development of the poor will increase because there are fewer people to feed and think about. Fewer sick people, more medicine supplies. Fewer students, less crowded classrooms. Fewer employees, bigger salaries.

But we don’t live in that kind of world. The real scenario would be something like this: fewer sick people, less medical supplies, more money to steal. Fewer students, same deals with suppliers, more money to steal. Fewer employees, more money for the head honchos.

It may make for better statistics but in real life, i’m not sure how it will hold up.