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3 Jun

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, describing the hypocrisy that is the Catholic Church. Here were holy men of the Church — those who preached to hold-off on homosexual tendencies — letting go of themselves in a private event where they shed their cassocks and be gay.

Here I was, I became depressed, troubled, disheartened, and discouraged. The article is full of links to other news regarding the other scandals in the Church. No, I was not disheartened because I believed what was being said against the Church. I was just in shock because of how the media would twist things to make the Church look bad.

For example, the link saying that “the Vatican owns the largest gay bathhouse in Rome”, in my opinion, misrepresents what actually happened: that Vatican bought a building that happened to have a bathhouse frequented by gay people. Should this be a hindrance in the acquisition of the property? Would it matter if there are plans to rid of it after purchasing it anyway? Should I not live in a neighborhood with philanderers even if I’m happily married? If I bought a gay bar, would that make me an endorser of the gay lifestyle even if I plan to turn it into a family-oriented pizzeria? Yes, it doesn’t look good. But to twist the truth about it? That is hardly journalism.

This is, to me, what is truly depressing. As I listened to the recording by Tom Peterson on CatholiCity.com, I couldn’t laugh at the quip about how the Pope would walk on water and yet, media reports would be “The Pope Can’t Swim!” It is this twisting of the truth and what is good that really hurts the most.