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CBCP vs. “My Husband’s Lover”

27 Jun

I have a couple of questions. And thoughts that I can’t seem to organize yet, regarding the matter of the CBCP’s criticism of the TV Series “My Husband’s Lover” as reported on Rappler.

Why do people think of the CBCP (and REAL Catholics) to be homophobic bigots? Where’s the argument in that? Besides, Catholicism is not homophobic. As explained in Catholic Answers:

“The term homophobic refers to fear of homosexuality. This term often is used by homosexual activists to end rational discussion of the issue by accusing their opponents of having an irrational fear. This is unjust. One can disagree with and be critical of a behavior without having a fear of it. When the charge of “homophobia” is made, it signifies that those making the accusation do not have reasoned responses to their critics, so they switch to portraying their critics as irrational rather than responding to their arguments.”

Those who say that CBCP and the Catholic Church is homophobic are either mistaken, misguided, or who do not simply understand what the Church teaches. The Church doesn’t have an irrational argument against the lifestyle. If only people take the time to read what the Catechism teaches! Once again, from Catholic Answers:

We have to remember that all people are created in the image of God and deserve to be treated as such, no matter what their behavior. We make a distinction between person and behavior, sometimes expressed as “hate the sin, love the sinner.” The Catechism describes homosexual acts as “intrinsically disordered”: “They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

How is this irrational?

What the CBCP-ECY hints at is that people need to be aware first of the real score with this kind of theme on television. My problem with the reporting-style of Rappler is that they seem to intentionally leave-out things that don’t paint the picture that they want of the CBCP and Catholics. Note that in the original post on Radyo Veritas, the last statement states:

“Aminado naman si Fr. Garganta na mayroong demokrasya o kalayaan ang lahat ng tao na dapat namang gamitin ng tema hindi lamang ang hangaring kumita.”

So, is the Church and CBCP abusive in exercising its right to remind people of sensitive moral issues? Are they asking for the show to be shot down?

This isn’t the first extra-marital affair-themed thing in showbiz. There were a plethora of bomba/TF/bold films in the past decades. My guess is that since TV Series are more open-ended, the CBCP are watchful of the possible twists and turns the plot might take. A movie is relatively easier to review if it concerns moral themes such as extra-marital affairs because it has a definite conclusion after the 2 hours you watched it. TV Series are trickier. Heck, a movie about a gay brother got better reviews than this movie about heterosexual extra-marital affairs and you think CBCP is homophobic? Can’t people stop and think first before any knee-jerk reaction to a group’s actions and recommendations?

My other real problem, I’ve already expressed in my previous posts — how media is a force that is pushing people away from the Church, and how people are now so gullible to believe outrageous things about the Church that it somehow shows their predisposed hatred for it.

What I look forward to is a good argument between these things. Not just the name-calling on the comments section of the news article on Rappler. As Fr. Robert Barron comments on one of his articles:

“Any preacher or writer who ventures to make a moral argument [against gay marriage] is automatically condemned as a purveyor of “hate speech” or excoriated as a bigot, and in extreme cases, he can be subject to legal sanction. This visceral, violent reaction is a consequence of the breakdown of the rational framework for moral discourse that MacIntyre so lamented.”



CBCP endorses Breaking Dawn Part 2. Whut?

29 Nov


come on… 3 and 3.5 out of 5 for technical and moral ratings, respectively, is an endorsement? recommending the book and the movie because of its positive aspects could be an endorsement… but who in his right mind would endorse something because it was bad?

let me get this straight: the CBCP CINEMA recommends the book and the movie because of the positive traits it presents in both media. it DOES NOT, however, tell you to believe in vampires and werewolves or engage in necrophilia. i just have to sigh in frustration how some people see the movie review as an all-out endorsement of everything that is in the movie and how these people can reduce things in such ways!

would you stop yourself going to a restaurant that serves good food, is budget-friendly, and has courteous staff just because you don’t like an item on their menu that you don’t even order?

how could people react in such ways and yet be more understanding of movies like The Mistress, and A Secret Affair? hay nako, nakaka-inis!

ang tanong ko lang, what’s wrong with endorsing something because it has elements that promotes “the value of marriage, the need to protect life in the womb and the importance of family.”?

what is so wrong with that?

my personal conclusion is those that hate on this “endorsement” are one or a combination of these types of people:

1. Pro-RH
2. people who hate Twilight
3. anti-Catholic/CBCP
4. people who have no particular opinion and just go with whatever is trending/popular… the bandwagon.
5. people who know too little but write/talk too much

among other things.

while i can disagree with the movie review on the “seamless overlapping of real action and CGIs that audience can easily get lost inside the fantasy world,” and the plot and story itself. i cannot, for the life of me, say that the endorsement of CBCP CINEMA for the positive traits present in the movie to be wrong!

why are people so angry about this “endorsement” really? is family no longer important? do we now undervalue marriage? (why do we even prepare for weddings in such a grand manner if we do not value marriage?!) is life in the womb not important? how are these things wrong such that CBCP CINEMA is taking all the flak for having “endorsed” the good side of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

again, a sigh of frustration.

Bad news: CBCP Granted TRO vs. Diablo III retailers. Good news: enjoy satire

17 May

A satirical article making the rounds on twitter and the internet has fueled the already not-so-popular standing of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in society. While some understand the nature of satire, most of the commenters and reactors are completely ignorant of it, spewing hate against CBCP and their “meddling” with something that they shouldn’t meddle with.

I was amused initially, and felt a bit proud, for not having fallen into the ‘trap’. But then I realized how this affects those who are “Catholics” by name only, showing mistrust and disgust for their pastors. It’s saddening, really. I’ve compiled a couple of comments from the article:

iMiggy – http://imiggy.wordpress.com/

greenscorpio – http://greenscorpio.wordpress.com/

The Amateur Snarker – http://amateursnarker.wordpress.com/

Mark Hugh Neri – http://ehpinoy.ph/

Krizdel Ingreso – https://www.facebook.com/krizdelyo


Clearly, the Church and CBCP has a great need to catechize and educate people.

Oh, and if you’re friends with any of these commenters, be a blessing to them and teach them what satire is. 🙂