Enlighten Me, Please.

12 Mar

Apparently, Marikina City has an ordinance that prohibits the poor from owning and taking care of pets such as dogs and cats. Their rationale is that Responsible Pet-Ownership is given to those who can afford to take care and provide for the animals.

My head was just spinning with this and could not, for the life of me, understand why people who are up in arms about this are pro-RH (some, at least). Is our society that degraded that we care more about our pets than children?

Think about it: the Marikina City ordinance is in the same spirit with the RH Law! Poor families need fewer mouths to feed. If you are a responsible citizen, you should not add more members to your household. Hence we should reduce the number of mouths to feed by controlling the number of their children. Replace ‘children’ with ‘pets’ and isn’t that the same banana?




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