Thank You Pope Benedict XVI!

28 Feb


It’s about time I posted something again. I know I should’ve posted about Pope Benedict’s resignation but circumstances couldn’t allow me to. Now that I finally have time, I will be posting some thoughts:

1. The Pope’s resignation is not a sign of weakness nor abandonment but a recognition of the needs of the Church that are entrusted to the care of the Supreme Pontiff.

2. It greatly separates Catholicism from Buddhism’s Dalai Lama. The Pope is not a reincarnation of the Holy Spirit or of Peter but an office held by a man.

3. We are not scandalized by a resignation because it has happened before. We are not left scrambling in the dark because we know what to do because of our deep history.

4. We must not underestimate the value of prayer and monastic life. While the secular world trumpets visible good works as the ONLY means to be useful to society, the Pope teaches us that even in prayer, through the supernatural and divine, we affect the world.

and perhaps, finally, as the Pope of my reversion to Catholicism, I am thankful to him for showing the beauty of our liturgy through history — ad orientem worship and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.


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