CBCP endorses Breaking Dawn Part 2. Whut?

29 Nov


come on… 3 and 3.5 out of 5 for technical and moral ratings, respectively, is an endorsement? recommending the book and the movie because of its positive aspects could be an endorsement… but who in his right mind would endorse something because it was bad?

let me get this straight: the CBCP CINEMA recommends the book and the movie because of the positive traits it presents in both media. it DOES NOT, however, tell you to believe in vampires and werewolves or engage in necrophilia. i just have to sigh in frustration how some people see the movie review as an all-out endorsement of everything that is in the movie and how these people can reduce things in such ways!

would you stop yourself going to a restaurant that serves good food, is budget-friendly, and has courteous staff just because you don’t like an item on their menu that you don’t even order?

how could people react in such ways and yet be more understanding of movies like The Mistress, and A Secret Affair? hay nako, nakaka-inis!

ang tanong ko lang, what’s wrong with endorsing something because it has elements that promotes “the value of marriage, the need to protect life in the womb and the importance of family.”?

what is so wrong with that?

my personal conclusion is those that hate on this “endorsement” are one or a combination of these types of people:

1. Pro-RH
2. people who hate Twilight
3. anti-Catholic/CBCP
4. people who have no particular opinion and just go with whatever is trending/popular… the bandwagon.
5. people who know too little but write/talk too much

among other things.

while i can disagree with the movie review on the “seamless overlapping of real action and CGIs that audience can easily get lost inside the fantasy world,” and the plot and story itself. i cannot, for the life of me, say that the endorsement of CBCP CINEMA for the positive traits present in the movie to be wrong!

why are people so angry about this “endorsement” really? is family no longer important? do we now undervalue marriage? (why do we even prepare for weddings in such a grand manner if we do not value marriage?!) is life in the womb not important? how are these things wrong such that CBCP CINEMA is taking all the flak for having “endorsed” the good side of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

again, a sigh of frustration.


One Response to “CBCP endorses Breaking Dawn Part 2. Whut?”

  1. dana December 10, 2012 at 11:23 AM #

    well im catholic. but this move surprised me, esp if you’ve truly read the books. the twilight saga is truly the work of the devil. there’s a lot of veiled evil in it, like pedophilia, bestiality, etc. but worst, worst of all, is the moronic writing. i just can’t understand why the CBCP would endorse this film. in fact if they’ve seen BD 2, there is a not so subtle dig against priests and the vatican.

    if it’s because of the RH bill, well as Christians, we can only stand for our faith, try to do right by God. but it has already been said that in the end there will be persecution of the Church. let those who think that time and modern technology have made God and His will irrelevant. in the end, kaniya-kaniyang bayad yan. for these people i shed no tears.

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