Don’t force your niqab on us, Joey Ramirez

14 Nov

I think this should work both ways.

If Joey Ramirez believes that the CBCP is forcing the Faith down everyone’s neck, then why should he force his own beliefs down faithful Catholics’?

Again, what is the RH Bill for? Does this give the people the power of choice? Does that power not exist today?

If CBCP is truly forcing their own morality and view on contraception on the people, then CBCP should be rallying against Durex, Trust, and other contraception companies. But the fact is they are not. The CBCP and Catholics do not go in front of a 7-eleven or MiniStop and burn the condoms they are selling inside the stores and start calling the people inside “immoral”. So what is this “forcing your niqab on us” thing?

If the CBCP starts calling for the burning of condoms and pills from a legitimate store, then I will definitely join Joey Ramirez and shout to the high heavens against CBCP. However, this is not the case! You even see ads and posters and commercials on modern family planning and contraception. Is CBCP forcing their morality here?

In the current state of things, people are free to choose to use contraceptives or not. Do not be swayed into thinking that the RH Bill is necessary to give you the power of choice.

In my opinion, Joey Ramirez tries to paint things differently from what they really are. If we remain in status quo today, then Joey and I will be free to choose and follow our own beliefs. There isn’t any argument. But once the RH Bill is enacted, guess who is at a disadvantage?

Is it really CBCP forcing the faith on the government or the government forcing itself against religious beliefs? Reality check.


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