Oh Dear, Dear Kids…

27 Sep

Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying this now! How time flies and now I can call College students “kids”… ugh! But on to the subject at hand: Ateneans have, apparently, joined in the whole RH Bill thing and have given their support. Well, some of them. After reading the Guidon article, I thought it best to engage the reasons that these Ateneans are saying that justify their support for the said bill quoting from the Guidon article.

“A lot of Filipino mothers also die daily due to childbirth complications, something which I believe the RH bill can greatly reduce.” – Gio Alejo, Sanggunian President

OK, childbirth complications cause maternal deaths. What should we do? Pro-RH Bill Answer: Reduce pregnancies! That has always been my question regarding those that support the bill: why do they insist on reducing pregnancies as a means to reduce maternal deaths instead of better maternal health care? Is pregnancy a disease?

“I find it constitutionally sound and necessary given the plight of the poor,” he said. “To deny the need for it… is to be foolish and out of sync with the realities of today.” – Vinno Lee, Economics Senior

Emphasis mine. Really? What need does the RH Bill provide that we do not have? People need food, shelter, and clothing. Education, yes. But RH Bill is not just about education. If this is all that there is to it, then let DepEd handle it and I will definitely support it with their age-appropriate curriculum. But it is not.

“I personally see the RH bill as a means to assert people’s rights to be provided by the state the rights to reproductive health.”- Moses Albiento, Alliance of Student Leaders Chairperson

“The bill, by its nature, offers freedom of choice for its citizens, as it supports both natural and artificial family planning methods, making both more accessible without mandating that either one be used, and therefore leaving this choice up to each individual citizen,” – Sanggunian statement

What rights are we talking about, exactly? Right to ‘reproductive health’ eh? The freedom of choice? When has that choice been curtailed? Does that right not exist today? In fact, this justification doesn’t hold because, as one article says,

Bawal bang bumili [ng pills]? Hindi bawal. Mahirap bang bumili? Naka-distribute ‘yan, umaabot pa sa bundok. Hayaan niyo na ang mga pharmaceutical [companies], sila na ang mag-distribute. That’s their marketing challenge,” he added. “But don’t get government to do the distribution and spend my money for that.
“Is the Church forcing people not to use contraceptives? No, you are free to use them. But don’t expect the Church to keep quiet and be remiss in its mission to proclaim the Truth,” – Ed Sorreta, ProLife Philippines

This was during a forum at the National Institute of Physics in UP Diliman. I wish I was there to listen to the arguments.

If you are pro-RH Bill, then you would have read Sections 2 and 3 that essentially takes the “Rights approach” into rationalizing this bill. Atty. Pangalangan takes this “rights-based approach” during the said forum and here’s what the article said:

“every human being is recognized as a person and as a right-holder,” her [Pangalangan] remark that everyone from the moment of birth — not from conception —  is entitled to human rights, angered the audience. 

That was a big revelation for me. Was it the same for you as well? Dear, dear… a mother has more right than an unborn child — that’s the rights-based approach for you, dear Ateneans.

While I cannot discount their desire to uplift the condition of the poor, I cannot comprehend how they could use their reasons to justify their motivation to support the RH Bill.


One Response to “Oh Dear, Dear Kids…”

  1. Sam Cruz October 8, 2012 at 9:47 PM #

    Cheers! 😀 Our Sanggunian is joining the RH bandwagon. They’re mislead by the society again but I cannot blame the CBCP for their bad communication yet they have good intentions for the society.

    Nonetheless, Simon Kuznets a known Harvard economist, has long argued the advantages of a growing population in micro-scale and macro-scale in the long run yet we Ateneans are still stuck with the traditional and debunked Malthusian theory (Ptolemic theory that will drown the country).

    More powers to bold people who are stepping up against the mislead status quo. The Sanggunian leaders and Guidon leaders aren’t people with bad intentions, they’re simply following their conscience which has been highly influenced by the voices around them disabling them to engage in deeper critical thinking.

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