Rappler’s TalkThursday with Edcel Lagman on RH Bill: lies and misinformation.

26 Sep

I wonder if Bishop Chito Tagle would ever get into Rappler’s TalkThursday and explain the truths about the RH Bill. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve seen some replies by Rep. Lagman, the principal author of HB 4244, and I see his slip showing in his answers.

1. Lagman: I am a Catholic. When I was in school, I was an acolyte and a sacristan. We can support the #RHBill in good conscience.

No, Congressman. You CANNOT support something that is pro-contraception and still be a Catholic. A Catholic by name, perhaps, but not a good one. Maybe the right way to state his answer is “We can support the RH Bill in good conscience given that I haven’t really studied theology and have any idea if my conscience is well-formed or not.” Besides, being an acolyte and a sacristan or serving in the altar make you a knowledgeable Catholic. I’m not even sure if you understand what’s going on during the mass!

2. It will reduce abortion by 85%. That’s a huge number. We have about 500,000 abortions in the PH.

It probably would since we will be reducing ‘unwanted pregnancies’ but what will society become after we have practically legalized sex without responsibilities?

My theory is this: if we are to remain a Catholic nation, then abortion rates would definitely decrease. If we are to be like Singapore who are more concerned about personal, financial growth and their careers, then abortions would remain constant, if not increase.

And if we change society into something that thinks sex without responsibilities is OK, then it will only be a matter of time when this law will be repealed and include abortion as part of reproductive health.

3. That is the hallmark of the bill: freedom of choice.

Are you telling me, Rep. Lagman, that RIGHT NOW, I don’t have a choice? I’m not free to make a choice? RIGHT NOW, I don’t have the freedom to choose whether to use a condom or pills or IUD or NFP? Are you telling me, Rep. Lagman, that my freedom of choice in choosing which method of family planning depends SOLELY in your RH Bill?

4. RH Bill is not a bill on population control. Population control is anathema to the central mark of RH Bill, which is freedom of Choice

Funny how you would choose ‘anathema’ Rep. Lagman. 🙂

And to say that population control is only ‘incidental’? What is Section 3.g.2.? 3.g.4? 3.m? 3.n seems to target THE POOR specifically — that by reducing their number, we uplift their lives? Really?

I’m actually disappointed with myself because I couldn’t edit this earlier. This was supposed to be posted on the 2nd week of August and I couldn’t make room for it because of work! But I hope I got some of those points and what I think are wrong with Rep. Lagman’s thinking.


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