Relativism is a virus for Christians

14 Aug

Been in a mini-‘exchange of ideas’ because of a friend’s post. I simply chimed in because it talked about his conversion into Christianity — meaning the Protestant faith. I said to him, through a comment on his post, “you say that as if Catholics aren’t Christians” with a smiley at the end. 🙂 Some other friends commented and then a little exchange ensued. Not an ugly one, though. There was a question of “who are real Christians?” and how I think that Christians should also have a relationship with Christ through His body — the Church. And then the question “which Church?” came in. After some more exchanges, we finally ended up with Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide (actually, the 5 non-negotiables of Calvin but I only chose the two 2).

Everything was pretty civil and intellectual until finally, the owner of the post chimed in:

This reminded me of the 70s hippie crowd… love and peace for everyone! 😛

He, obviously, comes from the “it’s not religion, but a relationship with Christ, that’s important” group of Protestants.

He claimed that this was, in any way, going to resort to bashing of any religion. He corrected his title to “my journey towards being a born-again Christian” (like so many other people title their journey) to be more specific and, true enough, he didn’t say anything against Catholicism or Catholics explicitly. The only problem I had — the apparent exclusion of Catholics from Christians — was already resolved. The comments are the only things that kind of ‘set-up’ the situation for me to ask deeper questions of faith.

Things weren’t really getting out of hand. I don’t know if I was pressing the wrong buttons but the final comment he posted somehow stunned me. And led me to question if I had been actually evangelizing uncharitably, and have I gone too far in ‘defending’ my faith? Have I, instead of bringing one closer to God and His Church, turned others away?

After getting over the initial shock, I found some comfort (no matter how small) when I reviewed his comment and took note of the words I underlined. Relativism really is something that we need to combat, as Pope Benedict XVI says. It’s a pity how this ‘disease’ has affected one of my Christian friends. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” in John 14:6. And my friend has answered it himself through his post — that his own Jesus (truth) is what’s important. Never mind if other people have different Jesus’. What’s important is that you believe in your own truth. Such is the dilemma of Christians who think that they worship one God but do not realize that they only worship themselves because they create their own truths and ultimately their own god.

Another conclusion I have come to realize is that, perhaps, my approach was too direct for him. That my style of evangelization through challenge of thoughts and ideas is not his way of accepting things. He admits in his post, “as you can see, i am so much into the details and emotions and whatnot.” so witnessing through emotions might have been the better approach. I will confess, though, that this way (emotional approach) isn’t very convincing for me as I am more into the intellectual deduction of things. Emotions are volatile and easily misinterpreted. Remember that feeling of ‘love’ in high school? then in college? then at work when you found “The One” #1, “The One” #2, and so on? Yep, that’s right… those feelings.



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