Of Men and… well, Men.

1 Aug

Men and homosexual men.

I just heard of a book, “Of God and Men” by a certain Ateneo alumnus who goes by the name Raymundo Alikpala who, for all intents and purposes, has discerned that he is sufficient to be his own theologian, vanguard of morality, and spiritual adviser.

Why? Because he doesn’t want to change his lifestyle. Because he has conformed God to who he wants Him to be — not conform himself to what God wants him to be. Because he has, essentially, become a Protestant.

In his July 27 post entitled “The Things I Believe In” on his blog “Of God, Men and Bakla,” he has clearly renounced the Church, Peter, and essentially Christ himself. His reasons I quote below:


I believe in my own conscience and the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit. I believe that my twenty years of Jesuit education and the many years of living that followed have sufficiently taught me the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral, legal and illegal, and through God’s grace and spirit I am mature enough to make moral decisions for myself and take personal responsibility for my actions and my life, including the salvation of my soul. I believe that I do not need a bunch of old men telling me who God is and isn’t. Nor do I need experts telling me that God’s Word is this and that, or that I should conform my life to what they claim is God’s will.

I am an adult. My life here and beyond is strictly my own business and no one else’s. And I believe that God agrees. (emphases mine)


And THIS is exactly how a protestant “outs” himself to the world… how I believe that God agrees with ME.

Really? You’re staking your spiritual life on 20 years of Jesuit education? That’s not saying much from where I’m standing. It’s all about me… me, me, me… I, I, I…

But the Catholic is different. That is why we declare in the Credo, “We believe in one God…” It’s WE.

He also notes that “happily” there are other denominations more open to their lifestyle and cites the Metropolitan Community Church as one of them… a more “loving” community, I would guess.

I am not homophobic and neither am I a gay-hater.

I am only trying to point out that this theology doesn’t make sense… not to mention it disagrees with the Bible. But this is a ‘freethinker’s’ blog. So let’s stick to that.

How can I say that one person is wrong? Because if we apply the same thinking that “My life here and beyond is strictly my own business and no one else’s. And I believe that God agrees.” Then what a chaotic world we would live in! Every man’s desire can be good for himself because it is his business to do whatever he wishes. Actually, we can put God out of the statement because no matter what you do, God would always agree with you. Again, it’s God conforming to our wishes — just as I have done in my past.

And it’s kind of amusing that he is a lawyer who submits to the authority of the courts.

I don’t expect this to convert anyone or some miraculous event would enlighten the reader. It didn’t happen to me when I read the Bible. Or go to Mass. Or went to a prayer meeting… It happened little by little, every day, and it is happening to me until the day I breathe my last. So I can’t be as proud as the author to declare that “in my ___ years of ________ education, I can judge what is [TRULY] right and wrong, [TRULY] moral and immoral.”

Anyway, this could only mean that I have another person to include in my prayers.


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