Protestantism leads to Atheism

29 Jun

“Atheism is the natural conclusion of Protestantism”

Big words. Fighting words, in fact. But are they untrue at all? To a degree, perhaps, an atheist might feel insulted for being associated with theists and vice versa but at the heart of it, aren’t they primarily coming from the same roots — individualism and relativism?

While I may not agree with Michael Voris’ view on matters in science, this one I will have to gladly agree with:


The conclusion spot on. He does a better job explaining it than I do.

I have seen plenty of Protestant Christian Churches and the focus really is towards the individual — what benefits me; what God has in store for me; what teachings are negotiable so that I can live the way I want (divorce, contraception, and abortion ring bells?). How could a Christian be so concerned about his/her own welfare that it completely throws away logical, well-reasoned teachings of the Church and of Christ?


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