There’s Tolerance and There’s “Tolerance”

24 May

I find it amusing how things in the worldwide web seem to gravitate towards this topic today… around my part of the internet, at least. 🙂

Recently writing about Manny Pacquiao’s reaction about same-sex marriage, expressing his stand on the issue. He, along with many supporters of traditional marriage have been labeled “bigots” and “intolerant” people. I’m glad The Vortex featured this video today, giving Catholics some ammo whenever we are called intolerant people:

It’s so great, I just had to make a sorta-kinda-like-a-meme for it:

Tolerance  applies only to persons...never to truth. Tolerance applies to the  erring, intolerance to the error.

And just when I thought this topic about tolerance and intolerance was done for the day, I see the video about how a group of young men who wishes to preserve marriage are attacked by some pro-same-sex marriage individuals — the same people who claim that the Catholic Church is intolerant.

The thing that really gets my goat is that one gay guy who tears up and throws pages of the Bible in front of the faces of the protesters. What is up with that guy?! Above the poster-grabbing, poster-tearing, and spitting, and physical and verbal abuses, tearing the Bible was the most scandalous for me. Unacceptable.


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