Do You Buy “Dahon-dahon” or Chemical?

21 Feb

I’m sure you’ve seen it. You really won’t miss these two brands which are having a slug-fest with their commercials.

One is espousing the “natural” treatment for cough with leaves going head-to-head with a “chemical” cure.

One says that the “chemical” cure has side effects, while the other says that the “dahon-dahon” questions its safety because it trumpets its “natural” origins.

I could swear that this could fuel a 2-hour debate on national TV and it would still have room for another 2-hour debate in another network, maybe two!

Each one is saying the other kind of cure is the “bad guy”. But they’re after the same thing aren’t they: Your loyalty. Your allegiance. So which side are you taking?

Funny, you can almost substitute family planning for cough.

I wonder what the Church hierarchy and freethinkers use. For cough, of course. heehee! (naughty, naughty!)


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