I am pro-RH.

20 Feb

There, I said it. I am a Catholic and I am Pro-RH or Pro-RP. Together with the Catholic Church, of course.

There’s the puzzled look again. Yes, you can be Pro-RH and still remain a Catholic. Because the Catholic Church is Pro-RH and Pro-RP. Why? Because it is what the Church has been teaching us all this time: we must be Pro-Reproductive Health and Pro-Responsible Parenthood!

Unfortunately, I am not Pro-RH Bill and/or Pro-RP Bill in its/their current writings.

Perhaps I’ll write my objections in another post. But right now, I’m just saying it.

If only they come up with a better RH/RP Bill. If only they knew what to really focus on. If only the Magna Carta for Women didn’t exist yet. Then maybe…

Read up on the Catholic view of Responsible Parenthood in Humanae Vitae, Section 10 in particular. Better if you read the whole thing.


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