Reductio ad absurdum: Celibacy

17 Feb

If celibacy is the cause of sexual abuses and affairs, as in the case of priests, then we should let everybody get married and have kids. There should be a match-making bureau under the Department of Health to ensure that everyone finds a match and have sex, ensuring, of course, that they use contraceptives so we don’t double the population of the country every night. Because sex is healthy. Sex is good for your body. Sex glorifies God.

And if the contraceptive doesn’t work? Well, you can’t do anything. You can’t abort the child. It’s illegal.

Or will it still be illegal when half of those engaging in sex, married or otherwise, aren’t psychologically prepared for child-rearing? These people will want their rights to their time and money than to spend them on a parasite (as Dr. House would call ’em).


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